New to Germany?

Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur, a line manager or a Human Resources Manager, Volker Ostler Management Consulting offers tailor made services to organizations newly entering the German speaking market (Germany, Switzerland, Austria - GSA), or those who simply do not feel adequately informed in the day-to-day workings of these markets.

The Volker Ostler Management Consulting (VOM) is a highly successful boutique consultancy, specializing in the complex and ever challenging nature of Human Resources strategies, Labor Law, executive and management philosophies, company cultures and workplace disputation and mediation in Germany (GSA).

Our services aim at promoting an understanding and excellence in these fields through identifying your specific company 'needs'. With qualified training given to all relevant levels of the organizational structure and active, case-based integrative problem-solving, Volker Ostler ensures up-to-date information and interpretation of the most recent employment law developments and current business practices in GSA, relevant to your industry. Training and consulting sessions include the following themes:

- Executive Coaching and Mentoring
- Human Resources Strategies
- German Employment and Labor Law for Beginners
- Outplacement
- Mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR)
- Intercultural Training and Language Skills for Managers and Executives

Our expertise - your benefit
As principal consultant to the company, Volker Ostler has had extensive professional experience in blue-chip American and Canadian service companies, also and has held positions as Director of Human Resources for foreign multi-nationals operating in Germany, as well as Vice President Human Resources for Europe and the Middle East for a leading American corporate.

In direct consultation with company clients, Volker Ostler personally structures and designs the training, the material and the support relevant to each client's needs, further advising on situational administrative, lawful and effective cost-utility solutions in all matters HR.

Volker Ostler also assists and advises on issues of strategy, structure, organisation and operations in human resources, advanced labor law issues and workplace mediation.

For further information, please, contact Volker Ostler directly: . All enquiries are handled in absolute confidentiality and are non-obligatory.

Listings: Volker Ostler Management Consulting customers by industry

• Advertisement & PR
• Automotive
• Business Association
• Catering
• Electronics
• Energy-supply

• Engineering
• Entertainment
• Financial Services
• Food: Brewery, chocolate and candy
• Hospitality
• Hotels

• Machine building and metal working
• Nonprofit organizations (churches, welfare organizations)
• Retail

• Space industry

• Sports Association
• Telecommunications
• Transportation

Volker Ostler Management Consulting customers by position:
• Business Consultant
• Chairman
• Chief Executive Officer
• Chief Financial Officer
• Country Manager
• Creative Director

• Customer Service Manager
• Director of Sales
• Entrepreneur
• Financial Controller
• General Manager
• Human Resources Director

• Managing Director
• Company and Corporate President
• Production Manager
• Purchasing Manager
• Teamleader
• Vice President

Regional Activities
Geographically, most of our customers have their offices in the
- Greater Frankfurt Area (Rhine-Main Area)
- Heidelberg / Mannheim Area (Rhine-Neckar Area)
- Cologne / Bonn / Dusseldorf Area (Rhineland)
- Greater Berlin Area and state of Brandenburg
- Nuremburg Area and Munich Area (Bavaria)
- Vienna Area, Austria
- Bern, Lucerne and Zurich, Switzerland
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